Why pay? When seaside views are free!

Last weekend I went to look at a property along the Bexhill sea front.  My interest in the seafront is growing with the “Next Wave" regeneration programme along the sea front and I’m generally impressed by the caliber of talent that shows up to perform at the De La Warr Pavilion. While the seafront is great, I find myself perplexed by the additional price estate agents and sellers ask for the seaside view – how much is a seaside view worth and I thought seaside views were free? So the argument has to be a seaside view is a feature of the property that increases the value and if so what are they worth? 

Generally I attempt to value a seaside view the same as a garden, both outdoor features, but yet the garden may actually be worth more because you can use it in a practical manner (bbqs, kids, pets, etc).  If I find a property on the seafront I will check the price online and I look for comparable seafront properties that have recently sold.  I will also look for similar sold properties just a street or two off the seafront.  This will give you a good indication of the seaside market and will highlight what the seaside view might be worth.  Its a bit of a sanity check on the asking price for seaside properties as most estate agents are looking for people fall in love with the view and pay top price.

So what is the value of a seaside view?  Well a good southerly facing well-established garden, with shed, patio area, conservatory that opens to the garden – I typically think its £10k in my head. It needs to be excellent shape, good pointing on the patio, shed in excellent condition, no loose patio blocks or steps, etc. The same goes for a sea view, maybe £10k, but again I think sea views are free so I’d be over paying!

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Posted 292 weeks ago

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