Tips for renting a house in Bexhill

Renting a flat or house is often a necessary part of life as housing remains so expensive in the UK.  One important aspect of renting is to remember to keep your monthly expenses low.  Here are 5 living expenses to focus on when renting:

1) Energy Costs - Boiler & Radiators

Look at the age of the boiler and radiators in the property and assess if they have been installed/updated in the last 5 years.  All new boilers are condensing boilers, but some are combi boilers that heat on demand both the water and radiators, while other heating systems will have a hot water tank that is separate for water but still heats the radiators. The combi boilers claim to be more efficient (I personally like a hot water tank), but the most important aspect is the age of the system.  Look for boilers that have a GreenStar!  (Worcester)!

2) Windows

While original period sash windows are lovely in a property, these types of windows lose an enormous amount of heat.  Find a property that has PVC windows, double glazed.  The new double glazes windows can be up to 10mm thick so pay attention to the windows, some older double glazed windows will not be as efficient but will still hold heat better than single pane sash windows.  If the property as the period sash windows, then put some clear plastic double glazing on the windows.  Wickes sells a double glazing kit for £7.99 and comes with tape and clear plastic film that is nearly unnoticeable.

3) Location to work

Transportation expenses can really eat into your monthly budget so consider what your fuel costs will be to and from your place of work. While you may believe you’re saving a few quid living further away from work, the cost of fuel and maintenance costs associated to your car may cost you more in the long run. If possible, try to rent a flat that has free parking.  Again, paying for a parking permit is expensive and its also annoying for guests who come to visit.

4) Age of property - Insulation

As much as the windows are important the the amount of insulation in the loft will make a significant difference to your energy costs.  Insulation is now put in the cavity walls and in the floors on new build properties, but the older period properties may not have an insulation at all. All properties are required to have an EPC which details the inefficiencies in the insulation.

5) Lights!!

Many tenants forget about the lights and underestimate the potential cost savings of converting to low energy lights or LEDs. This may be the easiest thing to do which will offer the biggest savings.  Low energy lights have come down in price and are now very affordable and some energy suppliers give discounts towards buying low energy bulbs! If standard 60-watt bulbs are used in the flat or house you plan to rent, then you will want to keep those bulbs in storage (reinstate when you leave) and replace with your own energy efficient light bulbs.

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